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SmartAlarms V3

Cameras used for SAV3

We have been installing our SmartAlarms V3 system with great success for the last 7 years. It developed from our earlier systems and allows us to install and monitor high quality, professional CCTV security systems at very competitive prices.

By utilising more traditional CCTV cameras and using our SmartAlarms video servers to transmit the images, equipment and therefore installation costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

We also supply our own SmartAlarms DVR recorder units with every installation to record D1 quality footage 24/7 onsite, so you can be assured that your site will be well protected.

We use a mixture of virtual motion detection and also external PIR sensors to trigger the system, ensuring that all movement within the images is brought to the immediate attention of our operatives.

SmartAlarms V3 systems start at around £2500 for a basic 4 camera installation and are monitored/maintained from just £152 per month.

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